Friday, January 10, 2014

a deep work

I am reading a book that is changing my life.  Actually, the words from this book are touching my soul, and that is changing myu life.  The pages have been turned slowly as I try to focus on each concept, each truth.  It is 1000 gifts by Ann Voskamp.  I tell you, her writing style is an art form.  I think I enjoy it because it resonates with my very visual style of thinking.  She has very courageously and beautifully written about struggles and triumphs God has brought her through, and my life has been touched.  Living life fully by having a heart of gratefulness is the theme.  So, I have started my list.  I even bought a new journal to chronicle the people and moments, big and small, seemingly significant and not.  It stays out, welcoming my pen, always adding to the list.  I'm up to 52 now, and the miracle is beginning.  In her book, Ann says the gratefulness always comes before the miracle.  For me the miracle is seeing the true reality of God in my life...always by my side.  The other day my daughter asked me if God was really real.  My answer was "yes".  She then continued with "how do you know?".  My response came from the depths of my soul that He so carefully fashioned. "Because I see Him all around me, I see Him in you, in the beauty of the sunsets, in the wonder of the landscape."  In the Bible it says He always has been and always will be.  My earthly mind can't quite comprehend the scope of that statement, but I believe it.  He has proven Himself faithful to me and my family over and over.  As my kids grow older and ask more questions, I will continue answering from my soul, what I have experienced in my own life.  My prayer is that it would drive them to Him, as they learn for themselves that He is real, that He loves them wildly, and that He has a plan and purplse for their lives.  I am truly grateful, yet I still have so much to learn.  In so many ways I fall short, whether it is reacting with harsh words over a spill, or grumbling about lack of space for storage, or harboring a critical spirit.  By His grace alone, I am learning to think about what I can be grateful for in the moments of chaos, in the moments of an ugly attitude, when I am tempted to choose poorly the easy path of self.  God's grace alone sustains me.  It covers the multitude of my inadequacies.  I am truly grateful.  I will close this post with pictures.  These are treasures to me because in these moments, I saw God.
 His creativity
 Through the love of a daddy to his girl

 By reminding me that He is caring for a treasure of mine
 His faithfulness
 His joy through my biggest boy
His presence.

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  1. Love that book, pure poetry!!! SO glad it is touching your heart, spirit and family. Sweet pictures:)