Thursday, September 11, 2014

my day

So far, this day has been spent getting children ready for and off to school. (Pretty much every morning I feel like that Army commercial..."we do more before 8am than most people do all day")  Grocery shopping happened next, then it was down to the office to finish some things that have inched their way to the top of my to-do list.  I chose not to sub today so to help get caught up.  Insurance reimbursements and employment verification (for our cell phone provider) forms needed to get done.  Before I could get work done, I had to get over my guilt for what a mess our desk has very sad.  I know, you're all wanting to be me right now!!  Our cell phone provider offers a discount because of where my husband works.  I called and tried the "we've been loyal customers for over 10 years, can't you just take my word for it??!!" line.  I didn't get anywhere.  The form must be filled out.  ugh!!  The insurance re-imbursement is a hassle, but I am so relieved to have some help paying for the re-chargeable batteries Caleb needs for his processors.

But this sweet rabbit is sitting on our window sill upstairs.  She's watching for her beloved to come home after school.  A stuffed rabbit reminds me of all that is important, and these other details that need attention are just that...minor details. 

I totally smiled when I saw Rabbie looking so pretty in a dress, watching for Ali. She loves that stuffed rabbit with all her heart!! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I can finally feel the coolness in the air, indicating that fall weather is just around the corner and I am so happy!!  Fall is my absolute favorite time of year.  I love summer because my kids are home from school, but at around July 19th, I'm ready for Fall.  Summer evenings, when the sun is going down, now that's a different story.  I never get tired of those!! 

We're almost two weeks into the new school year and things are going along pretty well.  Over and over again I am so grateful for the flexibility I have with my job.  As a substitute teacher I can determine when I want to work.  This week brought a situation at school which has needed some extra time and attention.  I am able to devote as much time as necessary to my role as Mom, and still get some time in the classroom and be a teacher too. (after being a wife and mother, I am a teacher.  It is my passion and I loooove being in the classroom!!)  I think someday when my kids are older I will be able to take on a classroom of my own, but until then, my heart isn't as divided, and that allows me the ability to avoid leaping off any cliffs of insanity.  Don't get me wrong, the money from a full time job would be really helpful.  Not being so careful with our pennies would relieve weight and stress from our shoulders.  But Thad and I decided long ago that our investment would be in our kids, and God has been so gracious and faithful to provide for us. 

So far the flurry of a new year hasn't disappointed.  From open houses to sport orientations, there has been plenty to keep us hoppin".  Last night flag football and volleyball grabbed center stage and the kids are thrilled to get to learn a new sport.  I really appreciate the parks and recreation program in our town.  The coaches are great, price is reasonable, and the season only lasts 6 weeks.  Having both sports at the same time, but in different locations is helping me to hone my activity juggling skills.  Thanks to good friends willing to help totally makes it all happen. :)  Cody is also playing football for his middle school, and is doing well.  Athletics has been a big part of Thad's and my lives.  We both enjoyed participating in sports while growing up.  When we had kids, I told Thad "just watch, we're going to have kids that just want to sit around and do Math problems".  :)  So far, I've been wrong, but if that should happen, we'll be ready.  I'll just download the Khan Acadamy app!!

I love it that things are going smoothly  Regularly, my mind travels back to the years when my kids were much younger and life was consumed with their health and hospitals and caring for fragile little people.  Honestly, I have asked myself "how did we do that?" Back then, I would wonder what it would be like when they grew up, what they would be interested in.  I couldn't even fathom how light I would feel with-out the concern for Seth's life, and making sure the others were growing strong.  We've now come to those days and life is good.  We're cruising along, but I don't want to take anything for granted.  I know things could change in an instant, so I'm trying to make the most of every minute of my life with a 13 year old and a handful of almost 8 year olds.  Can you believe that???  13 and 8!!!!! How did that happen??
 Every once in a while I like to throw in an old picture.  Where did those babies go??!!  This was when Seth came home for the first time in April of 2007.  He had to be rushed back to the hospital just 2 days later.  They've all come so far!!!